K92 shows what a double header really means

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By BNN Investment News

Those who fish know that a double header is a boat having two fish on at the same time, and that having this happen doubles the excitement on deck. For baseball aficionados a double header means the same teams play two games on the same day, which makes for a whole lot more action and activity.

K92 Mining has now proven that double headers exist in the gold mining business, by putting out two company transformational news releases in the short span of a week.

On October 5th, K92 announced that it had commenced gold production from the deposit on its property known as Irumafimpa. This production news was hugely positive for the company, as not only did it signify the move from being a development stage company to becoming a full-fledged gold producer, but it also was completed on schedule and on budget, which seems to be a rare occurrence in the mining business nowadays.