K92 Mine an Ideal Project

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By Matthew Vari, PostCourier.com.pg

Kainantu Mine has been a medium sized underground mining project that is not one to hit the headlines in the country.
This project, however, has been described as a mining developer’s dream project, when it comes to developing mines in the country’s vast and hard to reach mineral resource deposits.
K92 Mining CEO John Lewins made the comments following the announcement of the company’s Kainantu Gold mine expansion plans.
“It is from our perspective about as good a place in PNG where you can find a mine.
“It’s got all of the elements that we are looking for in a mine. It has got fantastic geology.
“It has got a very supportive Member; we have got a sealed road that comes up from the port of Lae up the Markham valley, right up to 6 kilometres from the mine.

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