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Responsible Mining

"At K92 Mining, we have a strong focus on the prosperity and development of Papua New Guinea and local communities through socially responsible mining. We believe this is achieved through safe and environmentally responsible mining; strong community engagement; investing in PNG’s future through education and training; providing infrastructure and services development, and; providing employment and economic opportunities for Papua New Guineans.

We are very proud that over 95% of our employees are PNG nationals, of which a majority are from our local landowners. Our workforce also has one of the best safety records in all of Australasia, which we believe is a testament to the dedication and strong work culture of our employees. In 2020, we completed the commissioning of our Stage 2 Plant Expansion, creating further employment opportunities while also progressing economic studies for a Stage 3 Expansion. We have also increased our investment in unlocking the resource potential of PNG for future generations through exploration."

- CEO and Director, John Lewins

2019 Sustainability Highlights

Our People

Safety One of the best safety records in Australasia - 1 LTI since start of operations in 4Q 2016.
96% PNG National Workforce One of the highest in the resource sector, with majority from local communities.
Career Progression through uplifting of PNG National workforce skills into including senior management and senior operator positions

Our Communities

+105% Increase in year over year investment in our communities.
$6,600,000 Expenditures from K92 to community joint ventures with businesses that are nationally owned.
Community Engagement from our 30-person community affairs and sustainable development team to ability for communities to thrive self-sufficiently.
Education Focus sponsoring 56 tertiary education students, local community primary and secondary school enrollment fees and full-scholarship awards.
Women Employment driven by multiple literacy, bookkeeping and business development initiatives.

Our Environment

Low Impact through underground mine, process plant and tailings designs.
No Surface Waste Rock through keeping waste rock underground as backfill or repurposing the waste rock as fill for building the tailings storage facility impoundment.
20,000 Trees Planted Tree seedlings donated to support PNG government’s tree planting program.
No Cyanide used on site, conventional flotation concentrate is used instead.
Meets or Exceeds discharge water quality requirements that is closely monitored.

“We are very committed to mining the exceptional natural resources of the Kainantu Gold Mine in a socially responsible manner and in many cases exceeding what is expected from us.”

- Philip Samar, Vice President, Government and Community Affairs, and former Managing Director, Papua New Guinea Mineral Resources Authority

Our COVID-19 Response


K92 COVID-19 Assistance Fund created in April 2020 to support local government, Eastern Highlands and Morobe Provincial Governments and Central Government, including:

• Medical Supplies
• Testing Kits & Equipment
• Essential Goods & Services
• Logistics
• Any Other Needs


testing utilizing rapid GENESIG Q16 PCR Testing capabilities. All staff is tested before clearing quarantine to report to work.

full-time and on-site to administer testing and as first response to any medical concerns.

Risk Mitigation

All staff must quarantine and clear testing before reporting to work on site.

implemented on site and encouraged outside of site and the communities.

enhanced through frequent disinfecting and augmentation of hand washing systems.

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